This heart needs a home

by Deviant

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Madison Self
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Madison Self All of these tracks hit home, so sad I never got to see these guys but oh well, the music's always there.
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released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Deviant Illinois

Central IL melodic hardcore.

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Track Name: Acceptance
Those sleepless nights
Those goddamn sleepless nights I lie awake
Questioning myself
And questioning my worth
Can you see why these scars are no longer healing?
And why this heart is no longer beating?
Why am I the one to break?
Was this life just a mistake?

Why is it so hard to see?
When the truth lies before me
This road leads to nowhere
and only in these flames can i bet set free
Track Name: This heart needs a home
Constantly searching
For arms open wide, for arms open wide
Craving the nurture
Of one by my side, of one by my side

The lies that she spoke
The way that she would sway
Was just another reason
To live another day
But with a twisting of tongues
A smashing of dreams
It all melts away
and Im caught in the seams

This heart needs a home
This is the loneliest place i've ever known

Driven insane
By my mistakes
Letting you go
With no heart to take

I was such a fool
To believe i was never alone
never alone
This heart needs a home
Track Name: Burning bridges
Why is it so hard to see?
Any meaning?
Or any truth?
I tried my best
But im still second to less
And darling
You should never have to settle for this

Drink your poison, swallow your pride
For hell awaits on the other side
Bridges built to be burned
Lessons taught but never learned
You've dug yourself this grave
And now you're six feet under

It was never enough
To give you my trust

Searching for direction, you stray from the path
Losing affection from the heart that you lack
The skeletons in your closet, are never looking back

They never look back

How can you be so heartless
When I gave you mine

They answers never seemed to show
I watched as your lies would grow
There's nothing left for you here
You're just a ghost of somebody i used to know

Day to day
You seem to lose all signs of hope
You find god in a noose around
Your neck
To protect you from this world
To protect you from yourself
Track Name: Embers
As our memories burn
I wish i could only
Let this burning sensation
Spread amongst me

Ashes to ashes
I inhale your sweet seduction
Ashes to ashes
I exhale the values we once knew

So tell me
That its over

Surrounding myself
With my only inspiration
The ties that held you close
Im begging for a pulse

I cease to be
I am set free
From this world
From you

Ashes to ashes
I sink to my knees
Ashes to ashes
I lay in defeat
Track Name: Fractured
She put her faith in your hands
And you put your hands on her

Soaring aimlessly
Through her mind
Waiting to break
She is Driven insane
By his worst mistake
To look into her eyes
And see where
Her heart is places

The razor shimmers
As more skin is defaced

The sand still pours
Life ticks away
It wasnt supposed to be this way
With every thought a horror to recreate

Her memories become a burden

And so now she walks with this guilt
Her innocence stolen from her
Like she has stolen my heart
If only i could take away her pain

I love you
I'd give anything to take away your blade
Your blade